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Specification of Rubber Strip Bantalan Jembatan Hubungi 081295460660

Rubber Strip Bridge Bearing Contact 08129546 Elastomeric Bearing Pads
(Rubber Bridge, Elastomer Bridge, Bridge Bearing, Rubber Bearing Pad)
Is one element of the Bridge made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber (neoprene) which serves to forward the load from the top building to the building down.
The rubber mixed materials used in the manufacture of these bearings are neoprene crystallisation-resistant, or native polyisoprene (natural rubber) alone as crude polymers.
Elastomeric pads made of a mixture of polycholoprene and polyisoprene or other materials, combined in the form of a compound, forming a constituent layer or other form are not allowed.
All ingredients must be new and not recycled taken from finished bearings.
As a pedestal bridge, between girder and abutmen.
Elastomeric Bearing Pads reduce shear and vibration caused by bridge loads and other movements.
The use of bridge bearing bridges is very important in bridge construction. In addition to easy installation and maintenance, one of the benefits of this product also has a longer life time.
We produce Rubber Bridge Bearings using both natural and neoprene rubber compound material for better elastomeric durability, with production process using PRESS HIDRAULIC machine so it can produce strong and solid Bridge Rubber.
Besides Bearing We also produce other Construction Rubber. One of them in the form of Rubber Strip or commonly called Rubber Sheet. With various applications for Construction and Industry. Rubber Pads or Rubber sheets usually have a thickness of not more than 3cm.
Here are some common applications in the use of Elastomeric Bearing Pad (Rubber Bearing, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Strip, Rubber Pads
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